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Dog Food Transition Kit

Price €19.80
Facilitate the transition to a new diet for your four-legged friend with the exclusive Natura+ Dog Food Transition Kit. Perfect for managing your...

Salmon Oil Plus

Regular price €20.90 -30% Price €14.63
Pure Norwegian Salmon Oil, rich in Omega 3. 500 ML bottle. It naturally contains a high concentration of Omega 3 essential fatty acids, to...

Fermenti ON

Price €14.90
Pack of 30 palatable tablets. Complementary feed that may help support your pet in maintaining and restoring normal digestive balance....

Charm ON

Price €22.80
Complementary dog food to help maintain the physiological well-being of the skin and coat.

Support ON

Price €22.80
Complementary food for dogs that provides vitamins and amino acids, ideal for making Fido feel good and healthy every day.

Relax ON

Regular price €15.80 -10% Price €14.22
For Pet's regular peace of mind. Easy to administer liquid complementary food.

Intestinal ON

Price €23.80
INTESTINAL WELLNESS. Pack of 40 palatable tablets. "To be used in the case of excessively loose stools."

Train Plus

Regular price €3.90 -10% Price €3.51
100% Grain Free Snack with fresh fish, ideal as a healthy and tasty treat.

Bovine Nerve

Price €10.50
The ideal natural chew for a satisfying and long-lasting chewing experience. 4 pieces per unit. Also for small dogs and puppies.

Deer Horn

Price €15.80
A natural choice to satisfy the instinct to chew, for prolonged enjoyment that also helps to clean teeth.

Boar Strips

Price €5.50
A wild and tasty delicacy that will intrigue your dog during playtime. Rich in flavor and nutrients. 100g pack.

Fish Strips

Regular price €5.90 -15% Price €5.02
With a chewable texture, fish strips offer a source of essential nutrients for healthy skin, coat and joints. 100g pack.

Olive Wood

Regular price €12.50 -20% Price €10.00
A natural choice to satisfy the need to chew, offering gratification, entertainment and benefits for gum health.

Heart shaped biscuits

Regular price €4.90 -20% Price €3.92
Heart-shaped biscuits, with only 100% wholemeal flour, to let Fido enjoy a delicious and natural taste at any time of the day.

Good Night Biscuits

Regular price €4.90 -15% Price €4.17
Chamomile and valerian biscuits, known for their calming properties. Ideal for a cuddle in the late afternoon or evening.

Measuring cup

Price €3.50
An essential accessory for every animal lover looking for practicality and precision in the nutrition of their faithful four-legged friend.

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