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The pet’s snack specialist

The search for innovation is part of the human spirit! Few of us get used to the monotonous f low of things, most of us seek constant renewal… without forgetting our origins.

Origins are the basis of our existence, of our way of being… and Cibus Pet, despite being a young company, bases its roots on solid origins.
Only two years ago, the primary aim of our company was to find the best raw materials!

In fact, we were responsible for selecting the best meats on the local market, then working them by hand and bring them to the leading producers of the Italian food industry.
The story would have ended here but one of the founding members is also a Chef for passion!
The love for animals, and for dogs in particular, becomes the fuel that nourishes a new idea: to produce snacks for dogs!

Obviously, research, tests and collaboration with nutritionists and veterinarians will follow.
Two years of work and here, finally, the first real handmade snack produced entirely in Italy.

“Natura+” is born: a range of handmade snacks for dogs.
Born from a passion for healthy and genuine things.