Much more than a small prize.

A great gift for the well-being of dogs and cats.

Natura + is born from the love for animals: the range of artisanal snacks conceived to provide our furry friends with all the nutrients essential to their diet. Natura + selects the best local raw materials every day and works them in an artisan way, keeping their properties and their natural flavor intact thanks to a slow drying. The result? A healthy, balanced and tasty snack, in a convenient open and close package.

Artisan manufacture

The production of Natura + snacks follows a purely artisanal process. In our kitchen, Cibus Chef and his team take personally care of the preparation of the individual products, from the selection of the ingredients to the cooking.

100% Italian ingredients

The quality of Natura + products comes from the excellence of the raw materials of our territory. All our snacks are made exclusively with Italian ingredients, carefully processed in our laboratories in the Verona area.

Scientific Research

With the help of nutritionists and veterinarians Natura + has formulated a complete range of recipes dedicated to the specific needs of the animal that, thanks to a careful balance of nutritional values, contributes to a healthy and balanced diet.

100% Natural Recipes

We chose simplicity for Natura + snacks: in fact they only contain high quality ingredients that nature offers us. We exclude all types of preservatives, dyes and chemical additives, like appetizers.

Slow drying

Natura + has chosen a slow and delicate cooking process: the snacks are in fact dried at a temperature of 80/95 ° C, to preserve all the aromas, consistency and nutritional properties of the ingredients.

Always fresh and Crispy

To maintain the freshness of the snacks for a long time without using any type of preservative, we pack Natura + products in a modified atmosphere, to make them arrive at your home as freshly baked in the practical open and close pack.

Discover the Natura + lines, each one designed to meet the different needs of your pet.
Choose the snack that’s right for him and receive it comfortably at home!


Nutraceutical snacks designed for your dog’s needs and lifestyle.



A source of extra energy for the most active moments of the day.



The right balance between lightness and taste, in a healthy and tasty snack.



Nutraceutical snacks designed for your cat’s needs and lifestyle.



In their bowl we want to bring the same quality that we choose for our table. That’s why Natura+ selects and works only the best raw materials, according to the standards for human nutrition.

Natura + is the official sponsor of the Italian National Agility Dog. The favorite prize of the four-legged champions, the secret of their owners to keep them in shape.

Natura +: the expression of Cibus Pet values


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