Agility Small Oca e Salmone


Energy source for dogs with strong physical activity


GINKGO BILOBA: rich in antioxidants and vitamins, it enhances tissue oxygenation and blood circulation. Being one of the most powerful natural supplements, it strengthens brain functions and prevents from tiredness.

GINSENG: perhaps the world’s most well-known Oriental medicinal herb. Its sanative properties provide relief in case of overworking. Bringing a significant amount of manganese, it revitalizes and boosts all vital functions.

GOJI BERRIES: included into the Superfood list, they contain 18 essential amino acids,  natural salts and Vitamin B2. They are considered powerful antioxidants.  

Ingredients: fresh goose 26%, rice 24%, pilchard  15%, pork, rabbit, potatoes 8%, lamb, pork fat, pear juice, coconut oil, peanut butter, carrots, powdered cellulose, psyllium, honey 1%, goji berries 0,2%, punpkin seed oil, linseed oil, minerals.


Crude Protein 37%
Oil and fats 18%
Crude Fiber 3%
Crude ash 6%

125 g

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