Digestive Medium Tonno e Gamberi


For better digestive functions


RHUBARB: the presence of Reina, together with tannins, dietary fiber and folic acid give to this plant its digestive, hepatoprotective, purgative, purifying  and decongestant properties.

TURMERIC: is a strong antioxidant which contributes to eliminate free radicals, causing  inflammation of the joints. It promotes heart and liver health and has a beneficial effect in lowering LDL cholesterol (bad cholesterol).

PSYLLIUM: natural source of soluble fiber, helps to regulate the intestinal flow. It is a valid remedy for inflammation of the intestinal mucous thanks to its soothing properties.

Ingredients: fresh tuna 27%, shrimp 26%, rice 26%, pork, pineapple juice, tuna oil, carrots, orange juice, psyllium 0,8%, powdered cellulose, punpkin seed oil, coconut oil, yucca, honey, turmeric 0,6%, Acai berries, papaya, mint, rhubarb 0,4%, juniper berries 0,4%, yeast products (nucleotide), minerals.


Crude Protein 34%
Oil and fats 9%
Crude Fiber 3,7%
Crude ash 6%

125 g

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