Fitness Cat Pollo e Fesa di Tacchino


For weight reduction

Nutraceutical nutrients

BITTER ORANGE: due to the presence of Synephrine, with sympathomimetic effects, it has strong lipolytic properties helping to reduce fat deposits. It raises calory consumption and reduces appetite, boosting energy consumption at rest.

PAPAIN: this enzyme is extracted from papaya plant and has the function of breaking down proteins to improve the digestive process and increase the absorption of nutrients from food with proteins.

ACAI BERRIES: promote regular digestion and prevent hunger, so they are suitable for weight loss. These berries assist in the uptake of nutrients and facilitate the elimination of fluids and undigested food particles. 

fresh turkey 26%, fresh chicken 26%, pork, lamb, orange 3%, pineapple juice, carrots, psyllium, pumpkin, coconut oil, punpkin seed oil, linseed oil, papaya 2%, powdered  cellulose, yucca 1,5%, turmeric, Acai berries 1,5%, papain, royal jelly, yeast products (nucleotide), minerals.

Guaranteed analysis
Crude Protein 58%
Oil and fats 20%
Crude Fiber 3%
Crude ash 7%

50 g

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