Longevity Small Salmone e Gamberi


For senior dogs


ALOE VERA: has immunostimulating anti-inflammatory and depurative  properties. Because of its richness of acemannan, having immunomodulatory activity, this plant may enhance the  immune response to infections and bacteria.

NUCLEOTIDE: this amino-acid strengthens the Intestinal Immune System.

ROYAL JELLY: tonic and stimulanting, it delivers a positive effect on physical and mental performance. Rich in Vitamin B5, it mightily  delays the effects of ageing. It has antibacterial and anti-neoplastic  properties, too.

Ingredients: fresh salmon 26%, rice 26%, pork, shrimp 16%, potatoes, salmon oil, pork fat, pear juice, psyllium, honey 1,3%, codfish oil, cellulose, punpkin seed oil, parsley, coconut oil, ginger, pomegranate 0,4%, royal jelly, chicory inulin, aloe vera 0,2%, Acai berries 0,2%, mos, fos, yeast products (nucleotide), chondroitin sulphate 100 mg/kg, animal derived glucosamine 100 mg/kg, minerals.


Crude Protein 34%
Oil and fats 15%
Crude Fiber 4%
Crude ash 6%

125 g

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