Mobility Small Anatra e Agnello


For dog’s cartilage tissue


GLUCOSAMINE: promotes the reconstruction of cartilage tissue and supports the health of tendons and joints as it fosters the hyaluronic acid biosynthesis.

CHONDROITIN: together with glucosamine, this molecule promotes the production of the substances required for good joint function in the body sustaining and lubricating the joints.

GINGER: it strengthens the immune system and helps the lymphatic system draining off excess fluid and micro-toxins from the tissues.

Ingredients: duck 26%, lamb 26%, rice 24%, pork fat, pear 3%, salmon oil, dehydrated carrots 1,5%, powdered cellulose, honey, strawberry 1%,, psyllium, punpkin seed oil, linseed oil, ginger 0,2%, turmeric 0,3%, animal derived glucosamine 80 mg/kg, chondroitin sulphate, minerals.


Crude Protein 34%
Oil and fats 15%
Crude Fiber 3%
Crude ash 6%

125 g

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